6 Tips: Getting Started With NH Life Insurance

Happy Spring! Very soon new life will be springing up all around us. Flowers peeping their purple and white heads up, bright green leaves on the trees and birds feathering their nests in anticipation of their new broods.

For a young couple building their home and family, life insurance may seem like an expense they would rather avoid. Besides, they almost never expect it to come into use.

I would encourage those twenty-and-thirtysomethings who are raising families and do not have life insurance to think seriously about the matter. Having the right life insurance policy in place can make a huge financial difference for those loved ones left behind.

Life Insurance tips for those just starting out:

  1. Ask yourself what lifestyle you want your family to have if you or your spouse was out of the picture. We can design a plan to fit your budget and protect your loved ones. Some options include ways to save money for the future.
  2. Consider what your expenses would be if one of you was suddenly gone. These may include a mortgage, childcare expenses, daily living costs, debts, and more.
  3. Work with an Insurance Professional who will help you pick the right policy for now and help you upgrade as your family grows and your needs change. We also help process a claim if the unexpected takes place.
  4. Include your policies with your estate papers so your loved ones will know that you have a policy, what the terms are, and whom to contact to make a claim.
  5. Review your policy annually with your trusted Insurance Agent every year. To make it easy, review it while you are reviewing your home and auto insurance.
  6. It costs nothing to explore your life insurance options. We are always available and at your service.

Have you chosen a NH life insurance policy yet?

Don’t wait any longer! Contact Alice Young at The Paige Agency today to learn about your options. In many cases, the younger you are when you sign up, the lower your lifelong costs will be. Give us a call at 603-435-6767. We’d love to talk with you.