Welcome to the day before Thanksgiving!

Today, many of you will find yourselves in the kitchen preparing food, while others of you may be finishing up at work before hitting the road to spend time with family. It’s certainly a day filled with anticipation! Good food and full bellies are on the horizon. Football games and photo albums will be present while we sit in the comfort of our homes with family.

I can’t help but wonder, do you feel distracted today with all the bustle of getting ready? Maybe you’ve had to struggle to get the kids to clean their rooms so the cousins have a place to stay. Or maybe that turkey that you pulled out five days ago, still hasn’t thawed. Or maybe you got a flat tire on the morning you began traveling. I know that personally, this has been a particularly busy work season. Sometimes with these distractions it can be easy to forget to be thankful for our lives!

As I get things ready today, I’m reminding myself what I am thankful for. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, our four beautiful children, and four beautiful grandchildren—with one on the way! I am thankful for my home, my work, my community. The list just keeps going!

I am also incredibly thankful for you, my clients, my work colleagues and my friends. I had someone share with me recently what their Mom used to tell them—that “life is lived every day.” Though there have been times of greater joy or sorrow, most of life is lived in the “every day.” I’m so thankful to share the every day with you!

May your day of preparation be filled with the joy of the simple blessings as you look forward to tomorrow. I hope that in the challenges you may face today that you will still be able enjoy the celebration of being thankful, even if your turkey is still frozen!

Best wishes for your Thanksgiving Holiday!