Retirement Planning – One of The Big Things To Consider Is Health Insurance

There are so many things to consider, when planning your retirement and one of the big ones is what you are going to have for health insurance.

If you are 65 years old, or older when you retire, you may be looking at a Medicare solution.  Unless you have had personal experience with a loved one, you likely don’t know much about Medicare and how it works.  This is a big factor to consider in retirement planning.

Some questions to ask are:  

 What is Medicare?
 Does it cost me anything?
 What is Part A and Part B? Do I need them?
 What is a Medicare Supplement?
 What is a Medicare Health plan?
 What will I have to pay for my prescription drugs?
 Will I be able to keep my doctor?
 When do I sign Up?
 How do I sign Up?
 What if I am over 65 and still working? Do I still need to get Medicare?

Although it can be an exciting time in life, there may be many stressful moments surrounding the prospect of retirement. Don’t let Medicare be one of them. If you live in New Hampshire, I can help.

I will help you:

 Look at timelines, based on when you are thinking you may like to make the move to
 Tell you how and when you may want to sign up for Parts A&B
 Show you the basics of Medicare A&B and why you may want to add a Medicare Health
Plan, Medigap Supplement Plan, or Part D Prescription drug plan. This includes costs, so you can budget.
 If you choose to move forward and choose to work with me, I can help you sign up when
you are ready.

If you would like to talk with me, or simply get more information, you can contact me at 603-435-6767.